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What are the main Ways to Prevent Float Glass From Weathering ?

What are the main Ways to Prevent Float Glass From Weathering ?
Update Time:2018-03-28

What are the main Ways to Prevent Float Glass From Weathering ?

Glass mold has always been an industry problem. Glass mildew (ie, anti-alkali) chemical reaction occurs, changing the surface properties of glass. Under the irradiation of sunlight, rainbow, mold, watermark, mimeograph, and paper pattern appear on the surface.

Moldy glass often appears in the production, storage and transportation process. After molding, the surface of the glass product will lose its luster, lose transparency, present a rainbow, white spot, or patch phenomenon (not easy to separate), which will seriously affect the quality of the float glass product. Glass companies have greatly reduced the image of downstream customers, which has affected the price of finished products.

The moldy protection of AoHong glass is mainly composed of three types: anti-mildew powder, put paper between glass sheets and anti-mildew liquid and the best way is anti-mildew powder.It is a nano-scale polymer material, with the characteristics of environmental protection, high efficiency, easy cleaning and so on. For anti-mildew paper although the operation is simple and the anti-mold effect is excellent, it can be recycled. However, due to the high cost of its use and the prolonged storage time, it is easy to produce paper stamps and other defects, and is gradually replaced by powder products. The anti-mildew liquid product is still not mature enough, the market usage rate is not high, and the time is too long can easily lead to cleaning and other features.

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