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What is safety glass ?

What is safety glass ?
Update Time:2018-07-23
What is safety glass ?

Safety glass Safety glass: Safety glass refers to laminated glass, tempered glass that meets national standards, and hollow glass that is manufactured by using them.

 First, what is laminated glass? Laminated glass is a high-grade safety glass made by sandwiching PVB film between two or more sheets of glass. This glass has excellent characteristics such as noise reduction, impact resistance, and penetration resistance. 

Second, what is colored glaze tempered glass? The colored glazed tempered glass is a kind of glass product with high acid and alkali resistance and safety which is obtained by printing the glaze on the surface of glass through a special process, drying and tempering, and permanently melting the glaze on the surface of the glass. And there are rich colors and low reflectivity characteristics. The

Third, what is toughened glass? Tempered glass is a high-strength safety glass obtained by heating glass to a softening point and then rapidly cooling it. 

Fourth, what is the heat-enhanced glass (ie, semi-tempered glass) This glass has been widely used in developed countries, in our country is still a new product. The mechanical strength of the glass is many times that of ordinary glass. The appearance and appearance of the product and the thickness deviation light transmittance are closer to that of the original glass than the tempered glass, and overcome the disadvantages of the self-explosion of the tempered glass. 

Fifth, what is insulating glass? Hollow glass is a high-performance, sound-insulating, heat-insulating glass made of two pieces (or three pieces of glass) bonded with a high-strength, high-tightness composite adhesive and a glass plate with an aluminum alloy cabinet containing a desiccant. Sixth, what is hot bending glass? Hot bend glass is a glass that heats a glass to a softening point and is processed into a desired shape.

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