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How to choose the color of the Low-e glass ?

How to choose the color of the Low-e glass ?
Update Time:2018-08-14

How to choose the color of the Low-e glass ?

LOW-E glass, also known as low-emissivity glass, is an energy-saving glass. Due to its superior energy-saving and colorful colors, it is a beautiful landscape in public buildings and high-end residences. Common LOW-E glass colors are blue, gray, colorless, etc. These mainstream colors are durable and look like the mainstream color of urban architecture, and some more distinctive colors, such as gold, silver, silver. Blue and so on.

The color of the glass is like a human dress. The right color can make people's eyes shine. The inappropriate color will make people look uncomfortable. So how do we choose the right color? We will discuss the following aspects: light transmittance, outdoor reflection color, film reflection color and transmission color, original film and structure, and the influence of interference color in the process of reading.

First, the appropriate light transmittance

Second, the appropriate outdoor color

Third, the effect of color and film color

Fourth, the impact of different original film and glass structure on color

Fifth, eliminate the interference color in the process of hanging glass

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