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How to clean the glass curtain wall ?

How to clean the glass curtain wall ?
Update Time:2018-08-15

How to clean the glass curtain wall ?


The glass is made of quartz sand and alkali as raw materials. After melting and cooling, the viscosity is continuously increased to form a continuous three-dimensional network. Each cation in the structure is surrounded by a certain number of coordination oxygen ions. The cation has a large field strength, exhibiting an equilibrium state inside the glass, and a non-equilibrium state on the glass surface. It appears as a surface force that makes the glass surface easily interact with the surrounding medium. In addition, some glass surfaces appear as sponge-like micro-grain, and it is easy to adhere to dirt. In particular, the adhered dirt intrudes into the interior of the sponge, causing a chemical reaction to form a dirt which is more difficult to remove.

In general, the surface of the glass is a non-polar hydrophobic surface. The surface should be wetted first when cleaning. The wetted surfactant or organic solvent should be selected. The second is to restore its hydrophobic properties after washing. The use of some water-repellent, light-transparent chemical components, so there is a class of glazing cleaner products, leaving no traces (such as film, spots, lines) on the glass surface after washing, without damaging the glass itself and the frame. This can raise the main technical requirements for building glass cleaners:

1. It has a good cleaning effect on the surface of the glass, leaving no traces and no damage to the glass and the coating.

2. The functional glass cleaning agent should make the glass after cleaning bright, good water repellency and good anti-fog property.

3. Cleaning the glass roof should effectively remove the deposited dust, and clean the vertical glass surface to wet and remove dirt in an instant.

4, the cleaning cost is low, does not pollute the surrounding environment, the cleaning agent is harmless to the human body.

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