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What are the advantages of ultra-clear glass?

What are the advantages of ultra-clear glass?
Update Time:2018-08-28

What are the advantages of ultra-clear glass?

Ultra-clear glass is an ultra-transparent low-iron glass, also known as low-iron glass and high-transparent glass. It is a new high-quality, multi-functional glass variety with a light transmittance of over 91.5%.

Ultra-clear glass combines all the processing properties of high-quality float glass with superior physical, mechanical and optical properties, and can be processed in the same way as other high-quality float glass.

Only a few companies in the world, such as PPG in the United States, Saint-Gobain in France, Pilkington in the United Kingdom, Asahi Glass in Japan, China Southern Glass, Taiwan Glass, Xinyi Group and Jinjing Glass, have mastered the production technology of ultra-white glass.

Ultra-white glass has the following four unique advantages:

 The glass has a low self-explosion rate

Since the ultra-white glass raw material generally contains less impurities such as NiS, the fine control in the melting process of the raw material makes the ultra-white glass have a more uniform composition than the ordinary glass, and the internal impurities are less, thereby greatly reducing the possibility of tempering. The chance of self-destruction.

 Color consistency

Since the iron content in the raw material is only 1/10 or less of that of ordinary glass, the ultra-white glass absorbs less in the green band of visible light than the ordinary glass, ensuring the consistency of the color of the glass.

Ultra-clear glass absorbs less in the red-violet band of visible light than ordinary glass

High visible light transmittance and good permeability

6mm thick glass with a transmittance of more than 91%, with crystal clear crystal quality, make the display more clear, and highlight the original appearance of the exhibit.Ultraviolet light should be removed Generally, ultra-white glass does not have this feature, and the ultraviolet transmittance is higher than that of ordinary glass.

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