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What the type of ultra-clear glass ?

What the type of ultra-clear glass ?
Update Time:2018-08-30

What the Type of Ultra-Clear Glass ? 

One is ultra white solar rolled glass 

The ultra white solar rolled glass component can absorb the radiant heat of solar energy to the maximum extent and maximize the photoelectric conversion efficiency of the solar cell. The glass can also resist the radiation of the sun ultraviolet light, and the light transmittance does not decrease, so that the service life of the cover glass can be more effectively extended, and the alkali resistance, the anti-fungal ability and the anti-aging property in various environments are better than the ordinary flat plate. The ultra-white glass reinforcement makes the solar cell module cover glass more favorable for protecting the underlying silicon crystal plate from external damage by its own strength and being durable.

The other is Ultra-clear transparent flat glass

Ultra-clear flat glass (commonly known as “crystal glass”) is a new type of transparent flat glass product developed and manufactured. It is a high-tech method that will effectively reduce iron oxide during the optimization and processing of raw materials. A flat glass with a very low iron compound content produced by the melting and forming process of flat glass. The ultra-clear transparent flat glass has similar appearance characteristics to the colorless crystal. It has no green-like visual effect like ordinary flat glass, and it has higher visible light transmission than ordinary transparent flat glass, from the front or from the side. rate and transparency .

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