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How to Enhance the Sound Insulation of Glass Windows ?

How to Enhance the Sound Insulation of Glass Windows ?
Update Time:2018-10-30

How to Enhance the Sound Insulation of Glass Windows ?

Glass has been widely used in modern times and has always been a product with a large market demand. By using specific treatment methods, we can make full use of the characteristics of the glass, and can make up for its defects, no longer subject to the natural properties of the glass. 

For example, laminated glass can not only be insulated, but also the debris will not splash and hurt people, safe and reliable. Next we will introduce how to soundproof on the glass window and how to enhance the sound insulation.

First, how to enhance the sound insulation effect of the glass window

There are five steps to make the door and window soundproof:

         a. Seal the slide;

         b. Seal the glide path;

         c. Install high quality sealing strips;

         d, install the seal;

         e, seal each through the wind point.

Second, what kind of material is used for soundproofing?

The glass material is divided into ordinary glass, hollow glass, multi-layer insulating glass and vacuum glass. The vacuum glass of these kinds of glass has better sound insulation effect, because vacuum glass separates two pieces of glass and evacuates the air in the middle. A vacuum layer is formed to apply sound to the principle that sound cannot propagate in a vacuum, so no matter what kind of noise can't pass through the glass into the house; the insulating glass can only isolate high frequency or low energy noise, low frequency or energy. Larger noise, sound insulation is not very good; the sound insulation effect of the multi-layer insulating glass is general, but the safety is very high, not easy to break.

Insulating glass

         INSULATING glass was invented by Americans in 1865. It is a new building material with good heat insulation, sound insulation, beautiful appearance and low weight of the building. It uses two (or three) pieces of glass. A high-performance, high-viscosity composite adhesive is used to bond a glass sheet to an aluminum alloy frame containing a desiccant to produce a high-performance sound-insulating glass. Insulating glass has many advantages over ordinary double-layer glass, so it has been recognized by all countries in the world. Insulating glass is to evenly separate and seal the two or more pieces of glass with effective support, so that dry gas is formed between the glass layers. Space glassware. Its main materials are glass, aluminum spacers, angled plugs, butyl rubber, polysulfide rubber, and desiccant.

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