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Is the glass on the plane bulletproof glass?

Is the glass on the plane bulletproof glass?
Update Time:2018-11-07

Is the glass on the plane bulletproof glass?

The aircraft does not have to consider bulletproof at high altitude, but it has great resistance and high pressure. So it is very thick and strong.

 The glass on a passenger airliner is usually made up of materials such as plexiglass, inorganic silicate glass and transparent interlayer film. In order to simplify the process, it is usually made into a plane. The fighters are different. The fighter cabin glass is generally cast organic. Glass, with the shape of a curved surface, the shape is more complicated, the purpose is to reduce the weight of the structure, and at the same time obtain better aerodynamic performance. The windshield of the passenger airliner is not a simple layer, usually divided into three layers of outer, middle and inner layers. There is a sandwich between the glass and the glass. The inner glass is the main structural member, which bears the pressure load inside the aircraft; the middle layer is a fail-safe structure, which prevents the debris from splashing if the inner glass breaks. It also bears a certain structural load; the outer layer is a hard and wear-resistant rigid surface of glass, which is the first line of defense against foreign objects. The inner glass is thicker than the outer layer.

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