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What is the structure of bulletproof glass?

What is the structure of bulletproof glass?
Update Time:2018-11-30

What is the structure of bulletproof glass?

Bulletproof glass: Bulletproof glass refers to the glass with the ability to transmit light and transparency, and also has the ability to protect the shooting. The bulletproof principle of bulletproof glass is to convert the impact kinetic energy of the bullet into the elastic potential energy and debris of the glass. Surface energy. Bulletproof glass is actually made of transparent glue to bond multiple pieces of glass or high-strength organic board together. Generally there are the following three layers:

        Bearing layer: This layer is first subjected to impact and rupture. Generally, glass with large thickness and high strength can damage the warhead or change the shape of the warhead, so that it loses its ability to move forward.

        Transition layer: generally adopts organic glue material, strong adhesive force, good light resistance, can absorb part of the impact energy, change the direction of bullet movement. A very strong and transparent chemical film is sandwiched in the laminated glass. This can not only effectively Prevents shooting, but also has anti-surge impact, anti-explosion, anti-seismic and impact without impact after cracking.

        3 Safety protection layer: This layer is made of high-strength glass or high-strength transparent organic material. It has good elasticity and toughness. It can absorb most of the impact energy and ensure that bullets cannot pass through this layer.

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