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What are the glass plank standards?

What are the glass plank standards?
Update Time:2018-12-13

What are the glass plank standards?

According to the standard, the general layout of the glass suspension bridge should meet the planning requirements, and combined with local environmental characteristics, traffic conditions, people flow distribution direction and other factors, the bridge should be selected in areas with good environmental conditions, and should avoid the adverse areas of earthquake resistance, Should be selected in the earthquake-resistant area. The glass stack road should be selected from the mountain rock mass integrity level II and above with a smooth surface, no large cracks, a view overlooking the open area and a wide open view.

The standard is clear, the glass suspension bridge and the glass roadway guardrail in the scenic spot should be safe and reliable, and protective devices should be installed in danger. There should be signs at the entrance and exit to indicate the direction and location of the road, and inform the visitors of the matters that should be noted when passing. There should be an eye-catching warning sign in the danger zone. The warning signs and signs should include Chinese and more than one foreign language translation. Glass suspension bridges and glass plank roads should be temporarily closed in the event of natural disasters such as typhoons, heavy rain, lightning, flash mudslides and ice and snow. After the disaster is over, professional technicians should be organized to check that there is no danger before reopening.

The standard stipulates that the glass suspension bridge and the glass plank road should be strictly controlled to enter the number of people, and the flow per square meter should not exceed 3 people. When the number of tourists exceeds the specified number of people, special personnel shall be arranged to control the flow of personnel, and additional staff shall be dispatched at the exit, entrance, and signage signs, and broadcasted in conjunction with the visitor center for security guidance. Bicycles, carts, etc. are strictly prohibited on the glass path without permission.

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