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How to fix the lacquered glass on the wall?

How to fix the lacquered glass on the wall?
Update Time:2018-12-26

How to fix the lacquered glass on the wall ?

There are two ways, one is glass glue fixed, if the glass is very large or the color is very light, it is fixed by expansion screws. The glass is very big, the strength of the glass glue will not be enough, can not bear the weight of the glass, there will be falling risk.

Glass glue fixing method: evenly apply glass glue on the back of the glass to be fixed, and then put the glass on the wall. Because the glass glue is not dry, you can adjust the angle, adjust to the appropriate angle position, and nail it with a few small nails. Under the glass is used to bear the weight. After the glass glue is completely dry, remove the nail and it will do.

Expansion screw fixing method: It is necessary to drill a hole with a glass drill at the four corners of the glass, then place the glass on the wall, adjust the position, make a mark in several holes, and drill the wall with the drill. Put the expansion screw in, put the glass into it, and then fix it on the screw. This method needs to be completed by the general professional installer, otherwise it is more difficult to succeed.

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