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How much is the tempered glass production line?

How much is the tempered glass production line?
Update Time:2019-01-03

How much is the tempered glass production line?

The tempering equipment needs about 1 million-500w

What type of tempering line, single room, double room, flat bend, a variety of, the main need to pay attention to:

 The size of the furnace, the general average of 2460 * 4000 or so, see your needs.

Type, the price of a single room is cheap, the processing capacity of the double room is large, and the production capacity is doubled, but the processing effect of the single room of the thick plate is better.

It is recommended that the convection, do not use radiation, can not only improve the speed, but also ensure the quality, the point of investment will soon come back.

When installing, find a master who has been working on the tempering furnace for a few years, and many small places should pay attention.

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