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How to repair the scratches on the door and window glass?

How to repair the scratches on the door and window glass?
Update Time:2019-01-28

How to repair the scratches on the door and window glass?

During the scratch repair process, due to the continuous friction between the abrasive sheet, the polishing disc and the glass, the glass will continue to heat up, so pay close attention to the temperature of the repaired glass during the repair process. If it is overheated, it may cause the glass to burst. The simple method of judging is: often feel the temperature of the glass in the repair area with the hand. Some warmth is within the normal range. If you feel hot, you need to stop the work immediately. Flush or naturally cool down, wait until the temperature drops and then re-construct.

In the process of scratch repair, there must be a continuous flow of water. The effect of the water flow is: a, flushing the glass powder during grinding; b, increasing the shear during grinding; c, cooling the glass.

The grinding portion in the scratch repair process is performed using a finely graded grinding method. The abrasive material particles or the ground glass powder left over from the previous grinding process may cause new scratches in the next level of grinding process if not cleaned in time. This new scratch, It is not easy to be found during the operation until it is discovered after the polishing step, which will seriously affect the repair effect or reduce the repair efficiency. Therefore, the cleaning work during the operation is very necessary.

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