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How is the church's colored flower glass made?

How is the church's colored flower glass made?
Update Time:2019-02-13

How is the church's colored flower glass made?

There are two main types of stained glass today, one is made of industrial glue by modern digital technology, and the other is a traditional hand-painted technique. It can be painted on colored glass or painted on colorless glass. It is to use glass as a canvas, use special pigments, after painting, and then burn it at low temperature, the color will not fall, and the durability will last. Longer, don't worry about being corroded by acid and alkali, but also easy to clean.

Its production process is not particularly complicated. It first goes to the market to buy a professional library of tempered glass, then processes and controls the desired image through computer software, and then paints it through some digitally-painted printing equipment, and strengthens it. The special ink is colored and integrated with a special film to make a very ordinary glass interesting and interesting. The modern painting method eliminates the need for an oven and saves time. Without the need for a canvas, beautiful pattern painting can be done at any time.

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