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What is the purpose of wired glass?

What is the purpose of wired glass?
Update Time:2019-02-23

What is the purpose of wired glass?

Wired glass is a kind of safety glass. He is not hard-produced, and is slammed and slammed. Even if it is broken, the pieces are still broken and stick together, and will not hurt people. Some countries stipulate that high-rise buildings must be adopted. This safe and reliable glass.

Wire glass is also called shatterproof glass and steel wire. It is made by heating ordinary flat glass to red heat softening state, and then pressing pre-heat treated wire or wire mesh into the middle of glass. The surface can be embossed or ground. Light, the color can be transparent or colored. Compared with ordinary glass, it not only enhances the strength, but also because of the skeleton of the iron wire mesh, when the glass is subjected to impact or temperature change, it is broken, not cracked, and avoided. Small pieces of angular flies fly out of the wound. If the fire spreads, the wire glass can still maintain a fixed state when it is thermally cracked, which can protect the fire. It is also called fireproof glass. It is often used for skylights, ceilings, and Shocked doors and windows.

 Wire glass use

 According to the construction law, wire glass is used to prevent the opening of the flame from spreading.

 For roofs, skylights, balconies, etc. Once the glass is broken, the debris does not fall.

Used in fire prevention areas and smoke prevention walls.

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