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The Thinnest Glass in World

The Thinnest Glass in World
Issue Time:2018-04-26
Made in China, proud of the world, 0.12mm glass was born

Glass, We can it everywhere on the building.
In people's imagination
How thin can the glass be?
The answer is 0.12 mm!

In April 2018, the 0.12 mm ultra-thin float glass successfully went offline. After 0.15 mm, it once again created the thinnest glass record in China for the industrial production of float glass technology. It is also a leading position in the world and marks the Chinese glass. The industry has achieved a leap from the leader to the frontrunner. It has laid a good foundation for the substrates in frontier technology fields such as surface displays and wearable devices, providing new momentum for the rapid development of the national glass industry and leading the Chinese glass industry. World Glass Heights marches.

In recent years, electronic products such as smart phones and tablet PCs have gradually become lighter, thinner, smarter, and more powerful, and tasks such as lighter and lighter devices, higher light transmittance, and improved user experience are mainly performed by touch panels and display panels. , As the key raw material for the upstream panel - ultra-thin glass substrate, we must use ultra-thin glass to produce. Researchers have shown to reporters that this kind of thin glass, not only has high light transmittance, but also has good toughness, and can be bent into a ring shape without breaking.

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