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Ultimate Temperature Test of Tempered Glass

Ultimate Temperature Test of Tempered Glass
Issue Time:2009-04-23

Ultimate Temperature Test of Tempered Glass

Tempered glass self-explosion occurred in summer. Why is that? What is the connection between self-explosion and temperature? Let's make a limit high temperature test for tempered glass.

In summer the maximum temperature of the sun directly exposed to the glass was about 65°C.

Our experiments were conducted using qualified tempered glass, 1.5 meters long, 1 meter wide, and 10 millimeters thick. Usually the glass curtain walls of office buildings are also made of tempered glass of this thickness.

Use a hammer to hammer tempered glass and the glass is intact.

Next, start baking glass with a spray gun 

When the temperature rose to 180°C, although the flame could not be seen, waves of heat rushed toward the experimenter.

Tempered glass was baked for more than 10 minutes under the spray gun of the experimenter. The temperature of the glass reached 300°C, but there was no problem with the glass.

This also means that the sun will not let the glass self-explosion.

Then for the tempered glass blew, there is a saying that the outdoor sun is shining, the indoor air-conditioned cool breeze, a cold and hot alternately.

The experimenter continued to roast the glass and poured it directly with cold water. At a high temperature of 300°C, the tempered glass suddenly encountered cold water and only took a little bit of smoke and no burst occurred.

Quality department personnel said that tempered glass should go through the high temperature of the tempering furnace and reach a high temperature of 620 to 640°C after calcining and then cool down. After a special process, the general temperature will not cause the tempered glass to blew.

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