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New Product Application of Dimming Glass

New Product Application of Dimming Glass
Issue Time:2018-06-20
How to rationally design the bathroom, whether it is visually or actually to make space no longer so narrow, no longer be a lonely shower room!

 According to different types of units, the internal design of the bathroom needs to make corresponding changes. The design of dry and wet separation can improve the experience of use when space permits.
Separate glass partition walls can be used, this is a smart glass . It is called dimming glass. You can change the size, openness and concealment of the space by dimming the glass to allow users to experience Extraordinary effect.

Nowadays, the application of dimming glass has become more and more widely used in the area of partitioning, from the previous hotel shower room, to the office partition of the tooling, to the outdoor curtain wall, to the existing windows and doors, skylights, bars, clubs, and projection screen applications. All four- and five-star hotel shower rooms, mainly because of the high-tech products and high costs, are relatively high-end places to use. However, with the continuous improvement of products, mass production and cost reduction. Makes a lot of home-installed bathrooms slowly applied.

Intelligent dimming glass acts as a partition, easily resolving issues of privacy and lighting that people have been worrying about. Now, AoHong Glass can also make it into an art work that combines practicality and appreciation. It can beautify space and make life better. All this requires only a few minor changes. The original science and technology can be so pleasing to the body and mind, people have to lament that there are actually such good materials in the world.

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