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Building new energy-saving glass "Low-E three glass two-chamber hollow glass"

Building new energy-saving glass "Low-E three glass two-chamber hollow glass"
Issue Time:2018-06-22

Low-E triple-chamber two-chamber hollow glass, also known as infrared shielding glass, is the top-level and energy-saving product in Low-E coated glass. It is coated with a layer of silver and other metal substances on the inner surface of hollow glass. Hollow glass formed. Because the glass surface is coated with a metal film, it has extremely high transmittance for visible light and high reflectivity for infrared light. It can filter sunlight into a cold light source.

1. Heat insulation and heat insulation

The use of Low-E triple glass two-chamber hollow glass can achieve the effect of “cool in winter and cool in summer” and has excellent heat insulation and thermal insulation performance. The unique function of Low-E coating is to allow visible light to transmit and reflect invisible light back. Therefore, in the summer, it can transmit visible light (sunshine) and block out the strong invisible light energy (infrared radiant heat) released from asphalt roads, buildings, etc., so building owners can greatly reduce the air-conditioning costs of the interior. In winter, it can put in visible light energy, and at the same time, reflect the invisible light energy (infrared radiant heat) in the room back into the room, so that it does not dissipate through the glass, so it can keep the interior warm and greatly reduce the indoor temperature in winter. Heating costs.

2. UV protection

Low-E triple-chamber two-chamber hollow glass has a very high UV blocking effect (up to 99% or more). Under the transparent lighting roof, it can really enjoy the "sunshine bath" of the cold light source, the skin without heat, and it can be perfect. We solve the problem that the items in the building are sunburned and aged by the sun.

3. Power consumption

The use of Low-E triple glass two-chamber hollow glass can reduce the power consumption by 32% and 17% respectively on the basis of the energy saving of single and double silver Low_E glass. The increase in input costs for electricity savings can be recovered within two to three years, while the excellent energy-saving effect will continue to be exerted in the follow-up operations.

4. Noise reduction

The PVB film has an impediment to sound waves. Using Low-E triple glass two-chamber hollow glass can effectively block sound propagation and reduce noise.

5. Anti fog

Although the haze still continues, some people can make it into a diamond ring, and some people can make it into a brick. Low-E triple-glass two-chamber hollow glass can filter it completely, so that everyone here can forget the “breathing pain”

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