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AGC Glass and Ubiquitous Energy Enter into Transparent Solar Glass Strategic Development Agreement

AGC Glass and Ubiquitous Energy Enter into Transparent Solar Glass Strategic Development Agreement
Issue Time:2018-07-02

AGC Glass and Ubiquitous Energy Enter into Transparent Solar Glass Strategic Development Agreement

Asahi Glass is the world's leading producer of flat glass. Ubiquitous Energy is a leader in transparent solar technology. The two companies recently reached a strategic development agreement and will jointly develop Ubiquitous Energy's transparent and color-neutral solar coatings for manufacturing. Can generate electricity windows.

Ubiquitous Energy transparent solar coating Clearview PowerTM products can selectively absorb invisible light (ultraviolet and infrared) and convert it into electricity while transmitting visible light from outside. In addition to blocking infrared (also known as solar thermal) power generation, this product also has a solar control coating effect. Transparent solar coatings can be applied to the vertical facades of buildings, turning traditional windows into highly energy-efficient power generation windows. These windows are beautifully finished and widely recognized by architects, designers and occupants.

Clearview PowerTM products use a standard glass coating facility to directly coat high-transparency, color-neutral coatings on glass surfaces. The adoption of standard thin-film coating equipment allows the annual global glass production to reach more than 8 billion square meters. This new patented technology will provide a truly transparent energy collection solution for the photovoltaic building integration market, making zero-energy buildings possible.

"As one of the glass and glass coating companies, Asahi Glass is our ideal partner. Asahi Glass has extensive marketing experience in the advanced glass and photovoltaic integrated construction market, which will help us accelerate the development of transparent solar technology. Promote the commercialization of products,” said Miles Barr, founder and CEO of Ubiquitous Energy. “The architectural glass market has shown great interest in the next generation of transparent power generation windows we have developed.”

Marc Van Den Neste, chief technology officer of Asahi Glass Construction Industry, said: “We have been focusing on Ubiquitous Energy from the very beginning and this cooperation is also in line with our corporate strategy of providing environmentally friendly glass solutions. Through the development of beautiful, transparent power generation glass, we will To provide designers and architects with a beautiful and seamless integration of photovoltaic building solutions.” Masatoshi Ueno, Asahi Glass’s corporate investment division, added: “We are very happy to be a partner of Ubiquitous Energy because their technology is Optimizing the use of external walls opens up new roads."

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