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Pilkington will produce solar control glass in the UK

Pilkington will produce solar control glass in the UK
Issue Time:2018-07-10

Pilkington will produce solar control glass in the UK

Pilkington has begun production of Suncool 60/31 products to meet the needs of UK customers for professional solar control glass. The product has a light transmission of 60%, but only absorbs 31% of the sun's heat. This means that these glass windows not only provide a bright and clear view, but also reduce excessive heat build-up.

Leo Pyrah, product manager for Pilkington Solar Control Products, said: "These products produced in St. Helens have once again fulfilled our commitment to support our customers and are the result of our investment in offline coating machines over the past few years."

The Pilkington Suncool Silver 50/30 product will be manufactured in September and will be primarily for export trade. The high external reflection characteristics give the product a unique silver appearance and are well received by the US construction industry. The export of this product can meet the growing market demand and provide a new alternative to the current market.

Mr. Pyrah explained: “Architects and related professionals have begun to demand as much functionality and aesthetics as possible. Especially in the situation where solar control glass products are gradually recognized by the industry and widely welcomed by the construction industry, we hope to Professionals such as architectural design offer a wide range of solar control solutions."

As demand for solar control products continues to increase, production of the Suncool 60/31 and Suncool Silver 50/30 increases. From 2016 to the present, sales of the Pilkington Suncool series have increased by 47%.

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