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Overview of the global architectural glass market in 2018

Overview of the global architectural glass market in 2018
Issue Time:2018-07-25

Overview of the Global Architectural Glass Market in 2018

Architectural glass, a type of building material, is commonly used in building envelopes, including exterior windows. Glass is also used as an internal partition and related structural features. Buildings are usually made of safety glass, including tempered glass , hardened glass and laminated glass.

The concentration of the architectural glass industry is relatively low. The large producer is Asahi Glass. In 2014, the market share reached 7.54%, followed by Guardian and Saint-Gobain. The overall competitive landscape of the architectural glass industry is currently relatively stable.

With the development of industrial technology, China's architectural glass industry has made great progress. However, compared with other countries in the world, China's architectural glass still has a long way to go, especially for health and environmental protection products to be optimized. In addition, most of China's architectural glass companies are relatively small compared to other countries.

Architectural glass is mainly used in residential and commercial areas. Business is the main application area, accounting for more than 39% of the total consumer market. The share of the residential sector has declined worldwide.

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