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Amazon Glass Ball Building contains 300 species of tropical rainforest plants

Amazon Glass Ball Building contains 300 species of tropical rainforest plants
Issue Time:2018-08-10

Amazon Glass Ball Building contains 300 species of tropical rain forest plants

E-commerce giant Amazon has just unveiled its mysterious Spheres in the new headquarters in downtown Seattle, which is said to cost up to $4 billion, including the “green paradise” – a mini-tropical forest – that has been heavily built to fill these buildings. vitality. Amazon collects plants from greenhouses around the world and brings them back to Seattle. Rivers, waterfalls and towering green walls allow employees to enter a quiet space like a tropical forest where they can gather in the “tree house” and be surrounded by natural beauty. Spheres can accommodate about 800 Amazon employees who are excited about the new headquarters and will be able to stay in April.

The building required 620 tons of steel to be built on a solid concrete base to support the modular Vitro hollow triangular glass unit. The open floor consists of three spherical units and is wrapped in Vitro's Starphire ultra-white low-iron glass. The glass product allows more visible light to enter the interior of the building, providing clear visibility from all angles. Vitro Glass Project Manager Andre Kenstowicz said: “The iron element will make the glass green. Starphire low-iron glass eliminates the green halo in the traditional ultra-white glass, so the green elements inside the Amazon sphere building are the 300 tropical plants.” The project has reached 40,000 green plants.

Like all three domes, the dome (about 90 feet high and 130 feet wide) was covered by contractor Enclos on the glass using Vitro's Solarban solar-controlled 60-layer Low-E coating. All 2643 glass plates have a visible light transmission of 73% and a solar heat gain coefficient of 0.40 through the spherical surface. The film under the dome surface limits the amount of radiation injected, providing a stable and cool environment inside the building.

NBBJ hopes to design this bio-friendly building to inspire creativity and even optimize brain movement. Fortunately, the visitor center garden at the bottom of the sphere is open to the public all year round, and people can experience the green building full of vitality. People in Seattle can feel the diversity of living there even in the heart of the city.

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