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How to distinguish between AG glass and AR glass ?

How to distinguish between AG glass and AR glass ?
Issue Time:2018-09-02

How to distinguish between AG glass and AR glass

AG glass, also known as anti-reflective glass, is a glass that is suitable for building materials, solar energy, etc. to resist reflection and increase light transmittance. The AG glass is not without reflection, but the reflectance will be lowered by 1% or less. After the glass is etched AG, it has an anti-glare effect, but the gloss is lowered, the haze is increased, and the transmittance is also lowered accordingly.

AR glass is a layer that increases the transmittance while reducing the reflectivity by plating a layer on the glass surface. Most of the solar glass we use is AR-coated, so in terms of appearance, AR glass is a smooth and transparent glass, and AG glass is a glass with a matte effect on the surface.

So how do customers who choose photo frames and showcases choose AG glass or AR glass? AoHong Glass's suggestion is "If the glass and exhibits are suitable for the use of AG glass, if the glass and exhibits are separated, it is recommended to use AR glass." Because the fit will reduce the influence of the AG glass haze on the clarity of the exhibit, and increase the texture and anti-glare effect of the exhibit.

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