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New Glass

New Glass
Issue Time:2018-09-18

New Glass 

Laser glass: also known as grating glass, has a new ornamental value, is an innovative glass developed using new holographic technology. Under the illumination of light, a diffracted color spectrum can be formed, and the fascinating pattern of the fascinating and versatile is observed as the angle of incidence of the light or the angle of observation of the human eye gives a magical and luxurious feeling.

Low-E glass: also known as low-emissivity glass. The coating layer has the characteristics of high light transmission and reflection of far-infrared rays, and the heat insulation performance is better than that of ordinary glass. Used in any climate, it can control sunlight, save energy, regulate heat and improve the environment. Insiders also call it thermostatic glass.

Smart Stained Glass: This glass changes color when certain chemicals appear in the air, making it an important part of the environment, medical diagnosis, and home decoration.

Smart Glass: A high-tech tinted glass that changes color in certain compounds. At noon, the south-facing window will automatically dim as the amount of sunlight increases, while the other windows that are in the shadows begin to brighten.

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