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The hidden dangers of the high-rise building glass curtain wall can no longer be ignored

The hidden dangers of the high-rise building glass curtain wall can no longer be ignored
Issue Time:2018-09-20

The hidden dangers of the high-rise building glass curtain wall can no longer be ignored.

On the 16th, during the period when the strong typhoon "Mangosteen" affected Guangzhou, three glass windows of the Wanlinghui office building in Tianhe District fell from high altitude. Wanlinghui management has taken emergency measures and inspected all facades of the building to eliminate potential safety hazards. At the same time, the maintenance manufacturers of the curtain wall have been notified to check the cause of the fall, and it is planned to complete the tightening inspection of all the glass windows of the building by September 21.

China's high-rise buildings have been built more and more in major cities, but the corresponding security issues have also raised concerns. In the past, I worried that high-rise buildings mainly focused on how to rescue fires and whether they can withstand strong earthquakes. Now there are new concerns. Are the attachments of high-rise buildings, such as glass windows and glass curtain walls, able to withstand the storm? If you can't stand it, it will cause the wall to fall and hurt people. It is serious that you are directly hitting the pedestrians or employees downstairs and downstairs.

Before the strong typhoon "Mangosteen", there were many safety accidents caused by high-rise glass windows and glass curtain walls, some of which were caused by storms, and more because of the quality and technology of construction. On May 18th, 2011, Shanghai “three glass rains” occurred in one day, which occurred in Lujiazui Times Financial Center Building, Yan'an West Road, Zhaohua East Road, a residential building and Shanghai Cohen International Center. Fortunately, there were three “glass rains”. There were no casualties and only property damage.

The reason for the frequent occurrence of “glass rain” in high-rise buildings in Shanghai and other cities is that the material is not off. The glass curtain wall generally uses tempered glass, which contains nickel sulfide. In the case of thermal expansion and contraction, the nickel sulfide particles will become larger or smaller, which does not coincide with the glass window frame, which may cause the internal stress of the glass to change drastically, resulting in self-explosion. In the summer, because the temperature of the air conditioner in the building is much lower than the outdoor temperature, the glass curtain wall is difficult to withstand the tearing of the ice and fire, resulting in self-explosion.

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