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Trump Government Releases Tariff Increase on Glass Commodities

Trump Government Releases Tariff Increase on Glass Commodities
Issue Time:2018-09-29

Trump Government Releases Tariff Increase on Glass Commodities

Building materials became a potential tax target: According to a statement issued by the US Trade Representative Office on July 10, Washington time, the Trump administration issued a plan to increase tariffs on China's $200 billion in goods. Compared with the $50 billion tax collection list issued in June, the target product list is newly related to routers, clothing, furniture, building materials and other commodities, and a number of building materials are among them.

Domestic sales of cement products dominate: Although China is a large cement producer, its export volume is small. The export volume of cement accounts for less than 1% of the output, and the impact of cement exports on the overall supply and demand of the industry is very weak. At the same time, China's exports of cement to the United States account for only a small part of the total cement exports, and the impact of US cement exports on the industry is almost negligible. Therefore, we believe that the US market has very limited impact on China's cement export pattern and even the overall supply and demand of the domestic cement industry.

The proportion of flat glass exports is limited: on the whole, China's flat glass exports account for a lower proportion of the overall output. In recent years, the proportion of US glass exports to total output is below 2%. It can be seen that even if the United States does impose high tariffs on China's flat glass, the impact on domestic flat glass is very limited.

Domestic demand attribute escort: On the whole, the two major sub-products of the building materials industry, cement and glass, have very obvious domestic demand attributes. The industry supply and demand pattern is relatively less sensitive to changes in the import and export trade situation, of which cement is more Obvious representation. Relatively speaking, glass fiber and products have a relatively large export share, so the domestic demand attribute is relatively less obvious. The potential domestic export market may be affected.

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