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Energy-saving glass is suitable for all weather

Energy-saving glass is suitable for all weather
Issue Time:2018-10-09

Energy-saving Glass is Suitable for All Weather 

In combination with today's building codes and consumer demand for high-performance materials, architects should not only pay attention to the aesthetics of the products but also how to reduce the energy consumption of buildings when choosing glass products. Can glass maintain the internal temperature of the building in cold climates, saving heating costs? Can the natural light transmission rate of glass meet the lighting requirements of the building, thus reducing the cost of artificial lighting? Can glass block summer heat waves and save air-conditioning air-conditioning costs?

According to the US Department of Energy, windows are the main source of external heat entering the interior of a building. Therefore, the architects will select as many glass products as possible that have a high natural light transmission rate and help reduce the heating or cooling costs of the building, depending on the geographical location of the building.

The Low-E glass coating plays an important role in temperature regulation, while allowing a large amount of visible light to enter the interior of the building while still reducing the amount of UV and IR injection. Low-E glass contains a thin silver coating or other low-reflective material to reduce heat loss and contribute to building insulation. Or in hot climates, it can reflect heat and help cool down buildings.

As one of the world's leading glass manufacturers, Asahi Glass North America's glass products are both energy efficient and aesthetically pleasing. Designed to meet the needs of the construction market, ENERGY Select® is a high performance Low-E coated glass product that helps designers achieve aesthetics and product performance. ENERGY Select® offers different grades depending on the specific requirements of each project. For example, ENERGY Select 23 glass products, which can greatly reduce the incidence of heat in hot climates. ENERGY Select 63 is an insulating glass product that effectively prevents heat loss during cold winters, increases visible light injection rates, and provides a comfortable interior.

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