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Chinese scientists won the "Oscar Award" in the international glass industry

Chinese scientists won the "Oscar Award" in the international glass industry
Issue Time:2018-10-23

Chinese scientists won the "Oscar Award" in the international glass industry

Chinese scientist Peng Shou led his team to develop the world's thinnest glass, only 0.12 mm thick.

The world's thinnest glass is only 0.12 mm, and its thickness is equivalent to an A4 printing paper. This is the latest scientific and technological achievement of the Chinese scientist Peng Shou led the team.

Recently, Peng Shou won the "Oscar Award" in the world glass industry in the United States - the American Ceramic Society's silicate technology innovation leader award, becoming the first Chinese scientist to win this award in the world of glass technology.

On October 15th, US local time, the 120th annual meeting of the American Materials Science and Technology Conference and the American Ceramic Society was held in Ohio. The Chairman of the Advisory Committee of the International Glass Association, the Director of the State Key Laboratory of Float Glass New Technology, and the China Building Materials Glass Peng Shou, Dean of the Industrial Design Research Institute, has won unanimous recognition from international peers for his innovative research and development in the field of glass, especially in the field of ultra-thin electronic information display glass. Innovation Leadership Award."

Glass is a silicate-based non-metallic material. Peng Shou led the team to break through the key technology of China's glass industry "card neck" and independently developed 0.12 mm glass. Six months ago, the world's thinnest glass made by China came out and became the representative of China's glass technology innovation and independent intellectual property rights leading the world.

Glass is a key building material in the field of information display. Glass and its equipment can account for 70% of the total cost, and many still need to be imported. Peng Shou believes that Chinese companies must not only master the "China core" of semiconductor chips, but also the glass-based "core" in their own hands. To have a glass-based "China core", innovation drive is the only way.

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