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Guardian Glass Project: Apassionata Showpalast

Guardian Glass Project: Apassionata Showpalast
Issue Time:2018-11-06

Guardian Glass Project: Apassionata Showpalast

The Apassionata Showpalast project, located next to the Allianz Arena in Munich, was completed and offers a variety of equestrian performances.

Graft Architects designed 12 interesting themed pavilions for the park. The pavilion is open all year round and features a 360-degree interactive cinema, a horse museum, a horse farm and a small zoo. The park is also equipped with a 40-meter-long stage that can accommodate 1,700 spectators while enjoying equestrian performances.

Showpalast is the central area of the park, which has a screen made up of various wooden strips folded in front of each other. Against the backdrop of the night lights, the area looks like a galloping horse.

There is a huge glass curtain wall on the back of the patchwork. The glass curtain wall features Guardian's SunGuard HP Silver 43/31 solar coated glass. This series of products not only has the function of a glass curtain wall, but also has an artistic appearance. In addition, the glass can effectively reduce the glare caused by direct sunlight, and reflect unnecessary solar heat to maintain a cool environment inside the building.

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