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Pilkington PlanarTM products showcase at the Oklahoma State Library

Pilkington PlanarTM products showcase at the Oklahoma State Library
Issue Time:2018-11-16

Pilkington PlanarTM products showcase at the Oklahoma State Library

The city of Tulsa is in the process of renovating the 50-year-old central library building. As one of the city's popular landmarks, people want the refurbished library to reach an advanced level in terms of aesthetics, energy efficiency and visitor experience.

What is striking in the design of the new library is the new row of glass reading rooms on the second floor of the library. The reading room is designed with a raised glass box. In addition to expanding the indoor space, this design creates a good lighting space and allows the room to have plenty of natural light.

Architects choose the Pilkington PlanarTM product to achieve a good design. The glass curtain wall of the library uses low-emission coated hollow glass unit products. The top roof is also composed of laminated glass coated with a low-emission coating. In addition, the library uses SentryGlas® interlayers to provide better structural strength throughout the building.

Phil Savage, Head of Sales at Pilkington, UK, said: “We are very proud to be involved in the library project with Pilkington PlanarTM products. Only high quality solutions can meet the design needs of the Central Library.”

The renovated library will be a multi-purpose venue. The 260,000-square-foot library is equipped with meeting rooms, a children's play area, a 3D printing station and a recording studio to accommodate a wide range of activities.

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