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AGC Interpane launches new glass products

AGC Interpane launches new glass products
Issue Time:2018-11-20

AGC Interpane launches new glass products

AGC Interpane introduces a new generation of combined high performance glass products: the Clearvision series of Stopray Ultra-60 glass and Stopray Ultra-60T glass, both of which are coated with a solar selective absorbing coating.

Both new products are three-layer silver-plated glass, so they have better solar selective absorption (selectivity factor > 2), which can effectively block the excess heat caused by 32% of the sun rays. In the hot summer months, these two products can effectively reduce the need for air conditioning in buildings. At the same time, they allow 65% of visible light to enter the room to provide adequate indoor lighting.

The light reflectivity of the new products is also relatively low. 13% of the light can be reflected to the outside world, and about 15% of the light can enter the room smoothly, which also helps to improve the transparency of the glass product. The new product has a heat transmission (Ug) of only 1.0 W/(m2K). When the outdoor temperature is low, the new glass products can well preserve indoor heat, save heat and air conditioning costs, and protect the environment.

The Clearvision range of Topray Ultra-60T products can be further bent and machined using silk screen or other techniques. The two new products have great advantages in the high-end construction market: the products are adaptable and can be matched. The new products are beautifully designed and can be placed side by side as building facades, or they can be connected to the curved panes without conflict.

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