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Munich Airport uses Guardian SunGuard glass products

Munich Airport uses Guardian SunGuard glass products
Issue Time:2018-11-27

Munich Airport uses Guardian SunGuard glass products

The Munich Airport Center (MAC) is the middle ground connecting two airport terminals, which combines shopping, business and leisure functions to provide a convenient service for the hotel.

The original Munich Airport Centre was set up in Terminal 1, which consists of an existing shopping centre and an S-Bahn (train) station. The new Munich Airport Centre is located in Terminal 2 and has a wide outdoor area. There is also a transparent glass roof above the outdoor area, just like a tent. The Hilton Airport Hotel is also conveniently located near the new airport center.

The roof of the Munich Airport Center, which is on the sixth floor, is super attractive. The L-shaped main building covers an area of 10,000 square meters and can accommodate various types of activities.

The new roof features Guardian SunGuard® SuperNeutralTM (SN) 63/32 coated glass, which reflects unwanted solar heat while allowing natural light to enter the room as much as possible, providing a comfortable environment for the customer. The new roof spans 90 meters (nearly 300 feet) and the overall effect is amazing.


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