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Characteristics of architectural glass curtain wall

Characteristics of architectural glass curtain wall
Issue Time:2018-12-07

Characteristics of architectural glass curtain wall

The building curtain wall is a kind of external maintenance structure of the building. It is different from the general exterior wall and has the following three characteristics:

        (1) The building is a complete structural system that directly bears the loads and effects applied to it and is transmitted to the main structure. Framed curtain walls are mostly composed of panels, beams and columns; point-supported curtain walls are supported by panels and supports. Steel structure composition.

        (2) The building curtain wall should enclose the main structure and not expose the main structure.

        (3) The building curtain wall usually adopts a movable connection with the main structure, and the vertical curtain wall is usually suspended on the main structure. When the main structure is displaced, the curtain wall can move relative to the main structure.

        Due to the above characteristics, the curtain wall is first of all a structure with a load bearing function; then it is an exterior, with aesthetics and architectural functions.

        The support of the curtain wall (beams, columns, supporting steel structures, etc.) is usually composed of aluminum profiles and steel, and in some cases also glass. Panels can be glass, aluminum, steel or slab concrete slabs, but the light-transmissive part must be glass. Polycarbonate panels are sometimes used for lighting roofs. Building curtain walls are usually divided into glass curtain walls, aluminum alloy curtain walls, stone curtain walls, etc., and many curtain walls are used in many projects.

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