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Lotte Super Tower

Lotte Super Tower
Issue Time:2018-12-18

Lotte Super Tower 

Lotte World Tower is currently the tallest building in Korea. The English name is Lotte Super Tower 123.

The Lotte World Tower project is under the responsibility of Lotte Construction, a subsidiary of Lotte Group, which will serve as the new headquarters of Lotte Group. The building has a total construction area of 328,000 square meters, a main body height of 495 meters and a building height of 555 meters. Lotte Super Tower 123 is also named after its 123 floors. The building consists of a lookout, a hotel, a commercial and residential building, and a private office area. The price of commercial and residential dual-use rooms on the 42th to 71st floors is expected to reach RMB 130,000 per square meter, and the six-star hotel on the 76th to 101st floors will become the second-highest hotel in the world.

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