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Amazon Glass Ball Building won the "Design Award"

Amazon Glass Ball Building won the "Design Award"
Issue Time:2019-01-11

Amazon Glass Ball Building won the "Design Award"

Vitro announces that the glass ball building in downtown Seattle has won a design award from Architects' Newspaper. The dome is Amazon's new headquarters with a total area of 650,000 square feet and is made up of Solarban® 60 and Starphire Ultra-Clear® glass products.

The new headquarters of Amazon, designed by NBBJ Architects, consists of three interconnected glass spheres. The interior of the sphere has five floors and contains conference rooms, leisure functions, terraces, waterfalls, rivers and more than 40,000. Forest garden landscape made up of plants.

With the ultra-high definition of the product, NBBJ Architects selected Solarban 60 and Starphire Ultra-Clear to greatly reduce the interference with plant photosynthesis. David Sadinsky, senior project manager at NBBJ, explained: “It is our top priority to increase the natural light transmission as much as possible by reflecting excess heat. Our glass coating operations are designed to protect the building. Barrier. This allows us to conduct further research on products such as Low-E glass. There is a special Low-E coating that allows light with a wavelength of around 480 nm to enter the room while reflecting heat."

The Architects’ Newsprint Design Award is an award based on a building project. The award will better showcase and promote these architectural designs to the public. The entries are divided into 45 categories, based on innovative design, criteria for the creative use of new technologies, sustainability and other standards.

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