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Glass brick size specifications

Glass brick size specifications
Issue Time:2019-01-29

Glass brick size specifications

The glass brick is a block-shaped or hollow box-shaped, large-sized glass product which is formed by transparent or color glass frit. The varieties mainly include glass hollow bricks and glass solid bricks, and mosaics are not included. In most cases, glass bricks are not used as facing materials, but as structural materials, used as walls, screens, partitions, and the like. Glass bricks occupy a considerable proportion in the decoration market. They are generally used in the decoration of high-end places to create an atmosphere full of glamour. In addition, due to the characteristics of glass products, there are also many areas for lighting and waterproof functions. At present, the popular glass bricks on the market are mainly divided into solid glass and hollow glass bricks. The varieties mainly include glass facing bricks, glass mosaic tiles (mosaic) and glass hollow bricks.

Glass tile specifications are recommended to be compact. Small glass bricks are also less expensive. But for some special areas, choose a large area of ​​glass bricks. Especially in the kitchen and bathroom space. Because the kitchen has a lot of oil stains. Glass wall tiles should be cleaned regularly. If the size of the glass bricks is small, the gap between the bricks and the bricks will absorb a lot of oil and dirt. It will be difficult to clean up after a long time. The bathroom is also difficult to clean. Places can choose large tiles. For example, bedroom, living room, balcony and other places can choose small glass bricks.

Glass brick size specifications are 60*60, 80*80, 40*40, 30*30. For example, if the living room area is about 30 square meters, you can choose 60*60 glass bricks. This size can be used for decoration. Kitchen area Smaller, you can choose 30*30 glass bricks.

There are various styles of glass bricks, such as frosted, transparent, digital spray, and a variety of fancy. Glass bricks commonly used in kitchens are also fancy glass bricks. Because it is glass, so Be careful when using it to prevent the glass brick from vibrating when the force is too strong.

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