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Point Glass Curtain Wall Has Several Structures

Point Glass Curtain Wall Has Several Structures
Issue Time:2019-04-19

Point Glass Curtain Wall Has Several Structures

Metal support structure point glass curtain wall. This is a form that is currently used more. It is made of a metal material as a supporting structure system, and the surface glass is firmly fixed on it by metal connecting members and fasteners, which is very safe and reliable. Taking full advantage of the flexibility of the metal structure to meet the needs of architectural modeling, one can clearly see the entire structural system of the supporting glass through the glass. The crystal clear and transparent metal structure, the embodiment of "beauty" and "force". Enhance the effect of "virtual" and "real" contrast.

All-glass structure point-type glass curtain wall. It connects the glass support structure (glass rib) with the face glass through metal connectors and fasteners to form a building envelope. The construction is simple and inexpensive, the glass surface and the ribs form an open view, which makes people pleasing to the eye, and the indoor and outdoor spaces of the building achieve a greater degree of visual blending.

Pull rod (cable) structure point type glass curtain wall. It adopts a stainless steel tie rod or a support structure for the curtain wall by using a cable corresponding to the glass split joint. The glass is secured thereto by a metal connector. The precision of the full-service machining in the building makes the components all the tension members. Therefore, it must be pre-stressed during construction. This softening can reduce the breakage rate of the glass during vibration.

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