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The second "Belt and Road" summit, China's top ten achievements!

The second "Belt and Road" summit, China's top ten achievements!
Issue Time:2019-04-26

The second "Belt and Road" summit, China's top ten achievements!

Only the Qingdao military parade, and the "Belt and Road" summit, followed by the Beijing World Expo, this week, China hosted a major event one by one. In the words of some reporters who went to the interview, it’s just that people can’t breathe and move fast.

Among them, the “Belt and Road” summit is an international conference held by China this year, which is the most watched and long-sleeved in the world. Nearly 40 foreign leaders and the UN Secretary-General and IMF president gathered in Beijing. In addition, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Japan, etc. will also send high-level representatives entrusted by the leaders.

The one-China initiative has now become an international consensus. China’s demonstrated strength, decision-making power and mobilization are indeed amazing.

At least 10 achievements have been made at this summit, which is believed to affect China's future for many years.

Achievements One, the circle of Chinese friends is getting bigger and bigger.

I remember a summit two years ago. Looking at the guests from all over the world, the top Chinese leader said happily that it is now "a group of talented people and a long history." This time, when the guests were invited to the banquet in the Great Hall of the People, he said that this time it was "Gao Peng is full, Shengyou is like a cloud", "Looking at so many old friends and new friends, I am filled with joy and full of emotion."

In the history of China, the description of the great powers of the great powers often uses these six words: nearerness and fartherness. In the two years of the world, the “One Belt and One Road” has been built and “four “more and more”: the circle of friends is getting bigger and bigger, the number of good partners is increasing, the quality of cooperation is getting higher and higher, and the development prospects are getting better and better. Looking at the grand background, this also reflects the rise of a country's choice. In the past, the British dominated the world, relying on the colonial system; the United States dominated the world, relying on the allied system; China's rise but not dominating, relying on what? Friends circle! "One Belt, One Road" is to expand the circle of friends.

Achievement 2 shows China's international leadership.

The opening ceremony of the National Convention Center, a dinner party at the Great Hall of the People, and a deep discussion on the shores of Yanqi Lake, the host of the host, let China firmly control the agenda setting and contribute to the Chinese program China wisdom. I remember the summit two years ago. He said that the peace deficit, the development of the deficit, and the governance deficit are serious challenges facing all mankind. "This is a question I have been thinking about." This is not just for China, but for Think about the world.

Two years later, he also pointed out that we have no reason to retreat. Only the option of advancing, only the wind and rain, can not be worthy of the people's trust, in order to let our people live a happy life. This is the realm and also shows China's influence and leadership on international affairs. This is like "potential" and "potential" stand up. It is much more convenient to act below. In the future development of international rules, Chinese dialect will be more and more heard.

Achievement 3, a large number of cooperation projects were concluded.

The results are indeed fruitful, and 283 pragmatic results, more than 64 billion U.S. dollars, can be seen, and the amount is 400 billion yuan. This is a good fortune and a win-win situation. A lot of projects involve interconnection, which is the key to the “Belt and Road”. Not long ago, Indonesia, Ethiopia and other countries were on a business trip, and the backwardness of infrastructure greatly hindered the development of the economy. One of China’s nicknames was “foundational demon”. If you want to build a road first, the train will ring in gold. Many countries are learning about China's development experience. This is an invisible influence.

Therefore, in the past few years, Yawan High-speed Railway, Yaji Railway, Gwadar Port, Myanmar oil and gas pipeline, etc., China has obtained a large number of “One Belt, One Road” projects, while other countries have received much-needed investment, which has promoted local employment and development of. This is really the twelfth word spoken by the Chinese leader: it should be the trend, the people's heart, the people's livelihood, and the world.

Achievements IV, Putin admire in his heart.

This time, Putin was very happy and got a Ph.D. from Tsinghua University. Frankly speaking, Russia used to have some concerns about the “Belt and Road”, especially the Silk Road on the land. Many places along the line were once the sphere of influence of the Soviet Union (Russia). But the latest progress is that China and Russia will strengthen cooperation in an all-round way. You will engage in your Eurasian alliance. I will be my "Belt and Road", but both will be docked, and no one will crowd out.

The “Belt and Road” summit was held twice, and Putin came to China twice to fully explain the current attitude of Russia. This time, Putin even more expressed that the “Belt and Road Initiative” has set up an important platform for expanding international cooperation and established a successful example. This is evidenced by the presence of so many national leaders and representatives in this forum. It seems that Putin is really admired for the "Belt and Road".

Achievement 5, Europe also had to change attitudes.

This time, Italian Prime Minister Conte personally attended the meeting. Although the United States continues to exert pressure, Italy has not hesitated to sign the "One Belt, One Road" cooperation agreement. This is the first Western power to join the "Belt and Road" and fully demonstrates the charm of the "Belt and Road".

In fact, this time, Germany, Britain, France and other European powers also sent high-level representatives. For example, the United Kingdom is the finance minister and France is the foreign minister. The mentality of the big European countries is somewhat complicated. They want to keep their distance but don't want to miss development opportunities. But more Eastern European countries, such as Hungary, the Czech Republic, Greece, Belarus, Serbia, etc., have come to Beijing and hope to strengthen their cooperation with China. Cooperation in the Belt and Road.

Achievement Six, China successfully resolved the neighboring countries.

For the "Belt and Road", it is certainly not true that there is no knot in the surrounding countries. China's countermeasures are different from those of the United States. We are not starting up and pressing on each other's acceptance, but docking and docking. We must connect with the Eurasian Economic Union with Russia, connect and interconnect with ASEAN, and connect with the "development road" for Mongolia. We will work together for a win-win situation and make a fortune together.

Therefore, this time, apart from India, China’s neighboring countries have basically arrived, and all 10 ASEAN countries have arrived, which is quite rare. Japan and South Korea also converted their positions and sent high-level representatives. Of course, for India, the mind is not big, and the knot will never be solved.

Achievements seven, the world also wants to hear the Chinese voice.

Once upon a time, the West was an advocate of globalization; but in the wave of counter-globalization, Western countries fell. For example, the United States is now the number one in the United States. The most famous slogan is to use American goods and hire Americans. However, China has become a clear stream in the world today, and welcomes the world to take the express train. In such a China, the world naturally welcomes both hands and is more willing to adjust its policies to conform to the rise of China.

The “Belt and Road” is the most obvious manifestation of China's embrace of globalization and has become the most important business card for China's diplomacy. China is emerging as an important creator of international rules, an important contributor to international public goods, and an important and even a major leader in the international order. This is without a doubt a turning point in the international landscape.

Achievements eight, forcing China to further reform and opening up.

Reform is a revolution, and it is still difficult to touch the interests than to touch the soul. To a certain extent, the "Belt and Road" is also a kind of forced force, forcing China to further deepen reform and expand openness. Therefore, we have seen that at this summit, Chinese leaders solemnly promised that China should regulate government behavior, clean up and abolish unreasonable regulations, subsidies and practices that impede fair competition, distort the market, and treat all enterprises and operators fairly. He particularly emphasized that the Chinese people are eager to seek "one promise".

Of course, this process will never be smooth sailing, and there must be various speculations and even demonization in the international arena. Therefore, the leaders are also very clear-headed. At the opening ceremony, he pointed out that we know that despite the brilliant achievements, there are still mountains in front of them that need to be overtaken, and there are still one shoal waiting to trek. Be prepared for danger in times of peace.

Achievements IX, China's diplomatic soft power is impressive.

Chinese diplomacy is often considered too hard, hard and hard. But in recent years, a series of summits, including the second "Belt and Road" summit, have been soft. Don't forget, after the “Belt and Road” summit, it is followed by the Beijing World Expo. Many foreign leaders still have to visit Chinese gardens and appreciate China's ecological civilization concept.

This concept of harmony between nature and nature, behind the nature, is full of Chinese charm and cultural self-confidence, of course, as well as the personal charm of the leader (take a flattering). The most fundamental thing for China's rise is the rise of culture and the revival of civilization. 5,000 years of civilization, more than 100 years of humiliation, energy has accumulated for too long, China should indeed erupt, and go to the world center stage.

Achievements ten, the world has seen a confident China.

Although there are still road closures, there are still some inconveniences and some inconveniences, but in general, the Chinese people are doing this "Belt and Road" summit in a normal way. Beijing is no longer limited to cars and singles, and Beijingers have not waited for a special golden week. That's right, it shows a kind of progress, a kind of maturity.

This kind of normal heart has also made the world see a confident China, a confident leader. In a period of transitional noise, confidence is more precious than money and gold. Leaders' self-confidence is a strong-hearted agent. I hope this translates into the confidence of the stock market, the confidence of the economy, and the confidence of the country. In this world, as long as the Chinese are serious, there is nothing that can't be done. But all the premise, China, be serious, don't be proud!

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