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Wejherowo Philharmonic Hall

Wejherowo Philharmonic Hall
Issue Time:2019-05-05

Wejherowo Philharmonic Hall

Designed by APP Arch-Studio, the Wejherowo Philharmonic Hall is a multi-purpose cultural centre. The new Wejherowo Philharmonic Hall hosts a variety of concerts, paintings and photography exhibitions, theatre performances and film screenings.

The designer divided the Wejherowo Philharmonic Hall into two spatial modules: the glass building part is the concert hall and the other part is the visual display area, including the photo studio and the mini cinema, giving the Wejherowo Philharmonic Hall more flexibility and comprehensive performance. 

The main areas of the Wejherowo Philharmonic Hall include the concert hall, the lobby and the café, all with Guardian SunGuard SN 70/41 coated glass. The coated glass is transparent and high, which can bring enough natural light to the interior of the building. The coated glass also has the function of reflecting excess solar heat, providing visitors and staff with a comfortable working and living environment.

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