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The new plant of the plate glass officially broke ground

The new plant of the plate glass officially broke ground
Issue Time:2019-05-09

The new plant of the plate glass officially broke ground

In 1980, Banzi Glass invested in the construction of the company's first float glass production line. Recently, the company started construction of a new plant invested by Luckey in Ohio. Covering an area of 500,000 square feet, the plant will focus on producing high quality transparent conductive oxide coated glass, TCO glass, to meet the needs of its key customer, First Solar. The plant is expected to be put into production by the end of 2020.

Todd Huffman, head of solar energy market in North America, said: “The company is investing in a new plant in the US to meet the growing demand of the solar market. It is expected that the demand for the global solar market will grow at a double-digit rate every year in the next three years. The company decided to new The construction of the plant is not only based on optimistic forecasts for the market, but also to meet the needs of our important customer First Solar."

The new plant in Ohio will use the advanced on-line coating production technology of the plate glass, which is expected to reach 600 tons per day. In addition, the plant will produce Low-E and solar-controlled glass products for the construction industry. The establishment of the plant will also bring more than 150 new employment opportunities to the local area.

Huffman said: "In addition to the construction of the new plant in Luckey, Ohio, the company is also planning to invest in a series of investments in the next three years, such as the upgrade and production of a float production line in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. The gradual expansion of TCO glass production will accelerate production. The transformation of strategy brings more value to customers."

The increase in production of Banzizi in Vietnam and the United States is expected to cost US$350 million.

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