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Switzerland develops new glass anti-fog coatings

Switzerland develops new glass anti-fog coatings
Issue Time:2019-05-24

Switzerland develops new glass anti-fog coatings

Although electric heating can now be used to solve the problem of fogging of window glass, researchers at ETH Zurich in Switzerland have developed a new anti-fog coating that can use light to heat the surface and more It is well used in exterior windows, sunshades, automotive windshields, etc., and does not require a power supply.

Removing the mist from the glass is not a new problem, there are many ways to solve it. Simple is waterproof coatings, usually used for glass or sun visors, and some claim to be permanent. Other more active methods are to heat the elements in the lens to prevent water droplets from collecting, but this obviously requires a power supply.

The new design of the ETH Zurich team is like a heating element that does not require a power supply. The new coating contains gold nanoparticles embedded in titanium oxide that captures the infrared portion of sunlight and a portion of visible light and heats the surface to prevent condensation from appearing. Importantly, the coating is still transparent.

The team said the coating will increase heat by 3°C or 4°C, which is four times faster than conventional anti-fog sprays. And because the mechanism is built-in, the new coating should continue to work longer, and the team plans to adjust the formula to make it last for years.

“Spray treatment often loses its effect after a while because the anti-fog film will dry out or be unevenly distributed,” said Christopher Walker, the 1st author of the study. “Durable coatings like ours last longer than spray treatment, and ordinary spray coatings must be applied once a day.”

In addition to glass, the researchers say the new coating can also be used in wearables such as eyeglasses, ski goggles, diving masks or motorcycle helmets.

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