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Issue Time:2019-06-27


The Oliphant is an office building located in the southeast of Amsterdam. Designed by OZ Architects, the Y-shaped exterior makes The Oliphant highly recognizable and refurbished the office space that was originally closed in the 1990s into a modern urban building.

The Oliphant open space design provides the occupants with an open view and a clear spatial layout. The curved curtain wall creates a dynamic and organic combination of architecture. The Oliphant building has a long service life and excellent sustainability. In addition, transparent building façades help reduce energy consumption.

The façade of The Oliphant building features Guardian SunGuard® eXtra Selective SNX 50 solar coated glass. This new generation of three-layer silver-plated glass products enhances color uniformity and enhances internal reflection. It is an ideal, neutral, transparent glass product. This glass product provides the ideal balance between high light transmission and solar heat gain.

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