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Tinted Glass & Reflective Glass


AoHong tinted glass also called colored glass is produced by float process with addition of

small quantity of metal oxides to color normal clear glass.  This coloration is achieved 

through adding metal oxides at the smelting stage. Addition of color does not affect the

basic properties of the glass,even though visible light reflect will be slightly higher 

than clear glass.

Tinted glass has excellent solar control properties. The transmittance of visible and infrared.

light is adjusted. Meanwhile, those rich and pure colors may meet the requirement by various

even though visible light reflect will be slightly higher than clear glass.

building styles .

Tinted Glass Main Features :

   The body tinted float glass can reduce transmission of the sun's harmful rays by up to 80% thus    minimizing fading to interior furnishings. 

   Tinted float glass can be bent, tempered or heat strengthened .

   The comprehensive range of colors harmonizes with modern building.

  Tinted Glass Color for Choose  

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Reflective glass is also known as coated glass .It is coated on the tinted glass surface with one 

or more layers of metal such as chromium, titanium, or stainless steel or a compound thereof, so 

that the product is rich in color, has suitable transmittance for visible light, and has higher 

infrared ray Reflectivity , high absorption rate for ultraviolet rays, therefore, also known as 

solar control glass, is mainly used for architectural and glass curtain walls .

Reflective Glass Main Features :

  Solar Control: This glass reflects a large proportion of the solar radiation, thereby restricting

  the heat gain inside the building.

  Superior Visual Comfort: Reflects away the right quantum of daylight so as to limit glare, while

  allowing adequate amount of natural light.

  Superior durability: High wear and superior scratch resistance.

  Reflective Glass Color for Choose  

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