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What is Tempered Glass ?

Tempered glass is a kind of pre-stressed glass, to improve the strength of the glass.

It is known as tempered safety glass or toughened glass. This type of glass is defined as glass

that are heat treated to be stronger and more durable than normal float glass,up to 4 times 

stronger. The temepred glass is also heat-resistant because the thermal process.

Tempering puts the outer surfaces into compression and the interior into tension. Such stresses

cause the glass, when broken, to crumble into small granular chunks instead of splintering into 

jagged shards as annealed glass.It makes tempered glass safer than standard annealed glass. For

this reason, tempered glass is most often used where standard glass could pose a danger.

Tempered Glass Main Features:

   Broken particles are not harmful to humans

   Safety and ability of anti-impact 

    Customized size, shape ,thickness and type of edging 

                  Flat Tempered Glass                                              Curved Tempered Glass 

How To Process Tempered Glass ?

After tempered the glass can no longer be cut and processed, it can only be processed to the 

required shape , holes and edge requires before tempering. 

First we will cut the raw glass ( that are float glass,tinted glass,reflective glass,low e glass,

low iron glass,patterned glass ) to the size and shape customer need .

Second , Edge grinding , drill holes and polished edges .

Third , wash and clean the glass,if customer need silk screen image or frost pattern will process

after the glass cleaned. 

Last , The glass is fed into a tempered glass furnace and heated to near the softening temperature

of the glass. The internal stress is eliminated by its own deformation. Then the glass is removed 

from the tempering furnace and the high pressure cold air is blown onto both sides of the glass 

with a multi-nozzle to make it quickly and evenly. After cooling to room temperature, tempered 

glass can be obtained.

Where to Use Tempered Glass  ?

AoHong Glass Flat tempered, curved tempered glass is widely used in building doors and windows, glass curtain walls, indoor glass partition, lighting ceiling, sightseeing elevator access, furniture, glass guardrails and so on. 

Generally tempered glass can be applied in the following industries:

> Architectural and Decorative Industry (Examples: Tempered Doors and Windows, Glass Curtain Walls, Interior Decoration, etc.)

> Furniture manufacturing industry (glass table top, kitchen cabinet doors, etc.)

Tempered glass solar panels 

> Automobile manufacturing industry (automotive windshield, etc.)

> Household products industry (glass cutting board, etc.)

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